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Prairies Past
Contact: Lisa Smith
Address: 406 US Hwy 75 Pipestone, MN, 56164
Phone: 507-215-5703
About Us
Prairies Past is a small family farm in the southwestern corner of Minnesota. Having grown up on a diversified livestock and crop operation in South Dakota, farming is part of my roots. I helped tend a large garden with my family each summer, and this evolved into a life-long passion for growing things and caring for the environment. Being able to produce healthy food for our family and customers while preserving the environment for future generations is rewarding. And digging in the dirt is "therapeutic."
Produce on our farm is grown without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. Sustainable practices such as crop rotation, cover crops, and habitat for beneficial insects are used. Produce is hand-picked and packaged, with food safety always a priority.