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SoDak Greens
Address: 46828 201st St Bruce, SD, 57220
Phone: 605-695-2734
About Us
SoDak Greens is owned and operated by Kalyn Gutormson and MacKenzie Mattern with the goal to bring fresh greens to more people in eastern South Dakota. Kalyn and MacKenzie grow romaine, salad mix, and pak choi as well as the herbs cilantro, thai basil, parsley, thyme and rosemary in a hydroponic shipping container. SoDak Greens also produces microgreens including arugula, broccoli, peas, buckwheat, radishes, and sunflower. This provides greens year-round with limited soil and pesticide use in a 100 mile radius of its consumption.
So Dak Greens utilizes no pesticides or insecticides in their growing practices. Seed is non-treated and non-GMO. Food safety practices are used in growing, harvesting, and packaging of the products.