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Berrybrook Organics LLC
Contact: Will and Sherlyn Ortman
Address: 44578 280th St Marion, SD, 57043
Phone: 605-925-7038
About Us
Berrybrook Organics is a diverse family farm south of Marion, that includes parents Will &
Sherilyn, and three teenage sons: Liam, Solomon and Christian. For nearly 24 years, we’ve
dabbled in many things from u-pick berries, to hydroponic and indoor produce, to alternative
field crops, to various livestock. A common theme has been direct marketing of nutrient dense
products raised without chemicals. Today, our main enterprises are organic brown eggs, which
we deliver weekly to several Sioux Falls businesses; grass-fed, grass-finished beef, outdoor
heritage pork and various commodity crops. More recently we have developed several flavors of
a clean-label homemade ice cream and are nearing completion of a licensed on-farm creamery
that will allow us to begin packaging for retail sale.
Rather than amassing more acres devoted to conventional production and driven by a “cheap
food” policy, we have sought to add value to our existing acres. This was part of our motivation
for transitioning to organic production. We harvested our first certified organic crop in 2009 and
the entire farm has been fully certified since 2011. We raise and grind our own livestock feed,
and administer no antibiotics, hormones, etc. to animals. Our animals are given space to
express their natural behaviors. A diverse crop rotation and extensive use of compost are two
ways we promote soil health.