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Kasemeister Creamery
Contact: Spink Hutterian Brethren, Inc.
Address: 39865 182nd Street Frankfort, SD, 57440
Phone: 605-461-4403
About Us
Our farm is located 9 miles south and 1 mile east of Frankfort, South Dakota. We live and work sustainably on this beautiful land and live 'Farm to Table'. That means our products are raised and produced here on our farm. We only use Grade A milk that is raised on our farm, for our cheeses. That means we know, and you know, exactly what goes into each handmade batch of cheese. Natural goodness! You can taste the Käsemeister Creamery difference.
Our herd of 100 cows is raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Our herdmaster takes great care to see that our cows are always healthy and happy, so they always produce the best Grade A milk for our cheese. Clean cows mean clean milk. We use only our own farmstead Grade A milk when making our very special selection of cheeses. We use every bit of the natural cream our cows produce to bring you a 100% full fat cheese.