Svec Farm
Address: 19337 471st Street Estelline, SD, 57234
Email Address:
Phone: 605-873-4770
About Us
The Svec Farm is a family-owned farm near Estelline, SD, whose roots run back to a homestead claim in 1898. Currently, two generations work together to raise grassfed, grass-finished beef and lamb, free-range eggs, and various non-GMO crops.
Our farm focuses on healthy soil, healthy animals, and healthy people. Our cattle and sheep are raised exclusively on pasture and hay, and never receive GMOs, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones. Our free-range hens eat a locally-raised grain ration that is free of GMOs and antibiotics. We use management intensive rotational grazing, cover cropping, crop rotation, and no-till techniques to steward the land.