2nd Street Produce
Contact: Jessie and Kevin Carlson
Address: 927 2nd St. SW Pipestone, MN, 56164
Email Address:
Phone: 612-280-9788
About Us
My husband Kevin and I live in Pipestone, MN with our four children, Ezra (7), Ruby (5), and Leona (3), and Saul (almost 1). I'm originally from this area; I grew up near Flandreau, SD, on my family's farm. Kevin and I met in Colorado, married and lived there for about 10 years before moving back to Pipestone to work with my parents on their farm.

We currently live in town, on a 1/3-acre lot. We've been doing a lot of research into urban farming (though we’re quite certain locals would hardly label Pipestone as "urban!") and are planning on doing intensive market gardening in our yard. This year we will be growing varieties of lettuce, spinach, and other greens, radishes, beets, carrots, and tomatoes, as well as micro greens.

We plan to follow organic practices as closely as possible, and to avoid using chemicals on our plants. While living in Colorado I learned about organic, local produce and we were involved in two different CSA's. My personal gardens thus far have been essentially organic; I don't spray anything, and use my own compost.

We are excited to help bring local, fresh produce to our area, while working with other farmers who share this same goal.